A Carhartt W.I.P. X NEIGHBORHOOD Editorial by C Store

C Store, the premium division of Caliroots.com, presents an editorial for the much anticipated NEIGHBORHOOD x Carhartt W.I.P. line. The Swedish retailer will be releasing the range tonight, most noticeably featuring NEIGHBORHOOD’s iconic leopard detailing amongst a variety of silhouettes, including a Rider’s Jacket and Coach Jacket, whilst fusing together each brand’s respective logos on a number of staples amongst t-shirts, denim shirts and jeans alike.

For a closer look at the collection, check out our gallery above. To buy, head over to C store, where the line will be made available for purchase at midnight tonight. For those in Sweden, C store will be hosting a presentation party to mark the occasion at their physical shop tomorrow night. Details can be found here.

C Store
Regeringsgatan 77
111 39 Stockholm