What the european division of Carhartt has done to the iconic american brand has done wonders to reignite the interest in a brand that was thought to only have a home in the wardrobes of middle america farmers, and laborers whom loved the brand for its quality and functionality over its fashion appeal. With lumberjacks and urban woodsman seemingly running the world these days, heritage labels like Carhartt are experiences a revival, and Carhartt WIP has modernized the label progressing the labels fits without sacrificing quality and durability making it a much sought after brand. The day has come for the label to present its reenergized line states side with the announcement of their first US based flagship store in NYC on Oct, 26th.. The Carhartt WIP store in NYC will house WIP products along side numerous collaborations with labels such as the previewed Fragment Design, A.P.C., and Vans.