Carhartt are a company who recognize the value of function. Their hardworking clothing enjoys a loyal following from workers across America, and their marketing will often reflect that. The latest initiative from the brand focuses on those fans of Carhartt for whom clothing is important not as fashion, but for function. Agriculture, construction and the workshop floor are where these clothes are worn, and Carhartt are acknowledging this by putting on a series of workshops to give people new skills and open up possibilities in their home city of Detroit. Last weekend’s free classes covered urban gardening, building with reclaimed materials and the importance and power of urban art in the community. The next class runs on October 27th, and you can sign up here. It’s a great initiative from a much-loved brand and one that stacks up with their mantra of “Carhartt works for you”. They’re supporting their market by engaging their local community around a concept of building and creating. That’s something we can get behind. (source: psfk)