The G-Aviation by G-Shock collection continually advances fashionable timepiece performance with the integration of specialized functions which assist worldwide adventurers wherever they may go. To guide them on their way, the watch’s built-in direction sensor provides directional readings by converting the second hand into a compass needle pointing north. Compass speed and functionality is further enhanced by downsized direction sensor and a second hand constructed of lightweight carbon fiber.

Navigational functionality is further enhanced by bearing memory, allowing the user to store and display past directional information as a reference for subsequent readings.

The GWA1100-1A3 is well matched by a sophisticated aesthetic; its large size gives it a powerful presence, while the overall design underscores toughness. The watch includes shock-resistant technologies and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face.

Available for $650 USD at select stockists including the G-SHOCK NYC Soho store.