Cassette Playa continue to set a positive and refreshing movement in the scene, with an approach largely incomparable. Here is the first look at the labels Spring/Summer 2010 collection entitled “Power Drift Nation” which features a fantasy land of design with Carri Munden referring to the collection as “dune gone dubstep”. Otherwise the signature feel of Cassette Playa is in tact with the combination of psychadellic colors and interesting textures. Tack a look at these videos from the recent presentation of the collection in New York.








Thanks to HB for the info.

3 Responses

  1. Adam Bryce

    Carri is incredibly talented.. the ability to start something and make it work in a way that no matter how much I would imagine I’d hate it, when I see it.. it just works!

  2. Not so fond.

    Carri may be good, but i get the feeling alot of CS is built on hype. It never seems to change. You have to stay relevant.

  3. Allan

    Ive got to be honest and say i just dont get Cassette Playa, having said that I admire how she manages to provoke such a strong reaction with her collections. People either seem to love it or REALLY hate it, there is no middle ground.