Celux the LVMH member’s only salon will be closing there doors after an amazing six years in business redefining the meaning of luxury. To mark this move Celux have acquired Fred Perry along with a number of high profile designers to release an extremely limited run of polo’s with only three pieces of each design making production and only for salon members. The names that have contributed includes, Staple Design, Libertine, Duckie Brown, Chatav Ectabit, HTC, Conrad Leach, A Love Movement, Suzukike, Jean Diadem (Designed by Japanese actor Asano Tadanobu), and Green . The Staple concept takes inspiration from Elton John’s "Goodbye The Yellow Brick Road" with the use of a stencil and either spraypaint or acrylic fabric paint as they provide a fitting farewell to the legend of Celux.

The info comes from no other than Jeff Staple.