I met Hang Feng through our mutual friend Alex. We kept bumping into each other over past two years, we even exhibited at the same DMY show in Berlin so after Chinese new year we arranged a dinner to share our love for good old Cantonese food, and I got to know a bit more on his work and recent exhibition at Art Labour Gallery in Shanghai. The show was entitled ‘Daily Prosperity’.

Hang Feng spent the last few years creating playful but serious works about the impact of consumerism on Chinese culture. His Logomania series includes intricate Chinese traditional paper cutting folk art, luxury rugs and mix media installations.

I love this video art piece that Hang Feng made, it’s called:

The Last Supper: Fast Food

About 30 free range chickens at the Braziers International Artists Workshop in London which were supposed to be slaughtered the next day to feed the artists. Hang Feng fed them their last supper of rice by drawing the head of colonel Sanders on the ground. It took 2 hours 50 minutes for the chicken to finish their rice grain effigy.

The Last Supper

Love & Respect.