Cherevichkiotvichki Bark Dyed Boots


Say “Cherevichkiotvichki” three times without stumbling. Now check out their Autumn/Winter line of Bark Dyed boots. Certainly a unique alternative to most styles out there these boots feature a round toe silhouette with a fabric-bordered front zip and slightly raised heel. Crafted from hides that have been dyed using tree bark in a completely natural, chemical free process, their stitched leather soles and high performance, natural orthopaedic insoles offer a higher level of comfort. Two styles are available – the Low Boots and the Top Stitch Lows, which have an upper crafted from multiple reinforced panels stitched together with grey coloured, zig-zag top stitching. Available in black or blue, find the full AW12 Cherevichkiotvichki range at LN-CC.