Chevignon, the dream brand of all eighties teenagers and the French artistic director Milan Vukmirovic, who belongs to that generation, are joining up to launch a new line, Chevignon Heritage by Milan Vukmirovic, as from autumn-winter 2012-2013. Made up of eight outfits for men and women, this collection will reinterpret the codes and iconic pieces of the label inspired by the American dream since it began in 1979. Chevignon Heritage by Milan Vukmirovic is for all those who wore a distressed leather aviator jacket or a Togs Unlimited puffer jacket in their younger days. As
life has not diminished their deep attachment to this cult label, the idea is to entice them once more with contemporary models that evoke that fabulous past. Their price position will be slightly higher than the traditional Chevignon ranges, because of the special care taken over the choice of materials and the manufacturing quality.Unveiled in Florence in January 2012, as part of a fringe event at the Pitti Uomo trade fair, Chevignon Heritage by Milan Vukmirovic will be accompanied by an advertising campaign shot by the multi-talented artistic director. He will also make the most of his experience as a professional buyer. Selling in Chevignon boutiques, and in selected concept stores and international department stores, Chevignon Heritage by Milan Vukmirovic will have dedicated showcases and
corners of his own design.
Launched in 1979, the Chevignon brand was a reinterpretation of the American dream of the fifties. Two years later it took wing with the creation of a distressed leather aviator jacket. In no time this model became a must have in school yards. In 1984 the label won a similar following with the Togs Unlimited Puffer Jacket. This incredible success encouraged the simultaneous launch of the Kids and then the Girl line in 1989. Since 2007, Chevignon has been owned by the French Vivarte group and is distributed via the multibrand network in 25 countries across the world, besides its own 46 boutiques in France and a hundred more abroad (Colombia, Russia and China).
Artistic director Milan Vukmirovic is a member of the “slasher” generation successfully juggling a host of disciplines. Cofounder of the Colette boutique in the nineties, he pursued a career as design director for Gucci Group brands in the Tom Ford era. In 2001, he became the artistic director of Jil Sander. Four years later, he relaunched the magazine L’Officiel Hommes and alongside this became a photographer sought after by many companies for their ad campaigns. In 2007, he was appointed artistic director at Trussardi. He also designed The Webster concept store, opening in 2010 in Miami. 2011 has also been an eventful year for Milan Vukmirovic. Alongside his career focussing on photography over the first half of the year, he has been working on the launch of his own international English language male fashion magazine – Fashion for Men at news vendors in October – and is starting up a new collaboration as artistic director at Chevignon.

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