Actress, come designer Chloë Sevigny has continued her relationship with Opening Ceremony by unveiling a new collection with the iconic retailer. This latest installation consists of pieces for both men and women, while the addition of unisex items makes for welcoming news. The chic streetwear theme makes for a vocal point with the VISION STREET WEAR prints makes for another strong element while distinctive prints also adds a unique touch.

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  1. Anonymous

    “Actress, come designer Chloë Sevigny . . . .”   I know picking on this site’s grammar / writing is like shooting fish in a barrel, but the contrast here — mangling a comma and picking the wrong homophone in using “come,” all while caring enough to put the diacritic over the “e” in the first name, and doing it all in the span of four words — is just too much to resist.  Also, this stuff is just ugly.