Copenhagen-based skate stalwarts, Streetmachine, have announced their latest venture – a dual-release capsule collection with Chocolate Skateboards. Releasing in two drops, the first series was conceived as a throwback to the Girl & Chocolate ‘Brothers’ print ad from 1995. The focal point is on crew and local spots – something the Copenhagen scene can strongly identify with-  and features boards and tees in Evan Hecox’s iconic typography. Drop #01 is an expansion on the initial collab between Streetmachine and Chocolate back in 2009.

Drop #02 introduces Paris and San Diego to the mix to create the City Series. Offering a modern take on Streetmachine’s 1998 Skyline Series – which highlights the three cities Streetmachine had a retail presence in at the time – each board graphic is supported by a series of t-shirts, also in Evan Hecox’s iconic Chocolate typography. Both drops will release at Streetmachine Copenhagen on Thursday November 21st at 5pm, followed by a second release online the next day. Beer and chocolate will be provided.