Garb Holidays

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s the one day a year when you’re free to wear ANYTHING you want without the threat of being seen and/or judged. Because the streets are EMPTY.

So go all out, bust out all those wild fashion pieces that you bought but were too scared to wear in public.

In case you need some inspiration, SlamXGarb has a curated outfit, packed with things to try.

Wil Fry Raf T-Shirt

Christmas Day


New York designer Wil Fry has some ballsy designs, and if you’ve ever wanted to wear Raf Simons‘ Spring/Summer 2013 show on your chest, he can make that happen.

Get it off VFILES’ webstore for $200.

Saint Laurent Black and White Zipped Biker Pants


Theophilus London pulled them off, maybe you can too.

SSENSE’s webstore has them for $4,753.

Jeremy Scott X adidas Instinct Hi Neon Camo Shoes

Christmas Day

Jeremy Scott goes HAM when he designs for adidas, crafting the kind of shoes that look more like pieces of art — or stuffed animals — than shoes to actually put on your feet. But on Christmas day, screw it.

Go to adidas’ webstore. You can make these yours for $200.

Burberry Shoes & Accessories Studded Cross-Brain Leather Belt

Maybe you’ve always had your eye on those punk rock belts at stores where goth kids get their gear — the streets are empty on the 25th, give it a whirl.

Mr. Porter has the above piece from Burberry for $425 on their webstore.

Kanye West Yeezus Tour Bomber Jacket

Christmas Day

Kanye West‘s infamous Yeezus Tour X Confederate Flag bomber jacket. Go for it.

Tracking this jacket down is going to be a nightmare, but PacSun has a more socially acceptable version.

Borsalino Silk-Trimmed Felt Fedora

Christmas Day

You know how in seemingly all of his album covers, Ne-Yo has that fedora pulled down OD-low over his eyes? If you’ve ever thought you might look good in that look — you probably won’t, because even he doesn’t — but Christmas Day is the day to try it out.

Mr. Porter’s got it for $260 on their webstore.


SlamXGarb: What To Wear On Christmas Day If You’re Not Celebrating Christmas