Mono. have interviewed London based designer Christopher Shannon. Shannon is a favourite of ours here at SLAMXHYPE and his answers are open and give real insight into the designers journey thus far.

Mono. So how long have you been in London?
Christopher Shannon: I came down from Liverpool for my BA & finished in 2002, then I worked for a few years & came back to do my MA in 2006.

I went on to do my MA because there were no jobs that I wanted to do. I left college, assisted a few people, then I started styling, & then I started printing… By the time I’d been an assistant designer, an assistant stylist & then a stylist, it was really hard to get a job because I hadn’t done one thing solidly enough & I didn’t really want to carry on music styling.

I moved back home to Liverpool for a bit, which seemed like a really awful, awful idea at the time but actually I really enjoyed it. It was hard to come back to London.

Then I got a scholarship to do the MA; which totally saved my bacon because I don’t know what else I would have done really. Even when I was on the BA course at St. Martin’s, I always really liked what they were doing on the MA, it seemed more relevant to the work I wanted to do. I always thought that maybe I would end up there.

M. Why fashion?
CS: For me, & the designers I spend time with, I don’t think any of us have the answer for ‘why fashion?’ It seems like lots of us are personality types that don’t really fit into any one thing so cleanly. Very, very into visuals but maybe wouldn’t have the gall to go into fine art.

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