This is a call for entries to the young creative talent competition in China. The prize, a bright career future starting at the global ad agencies. The 6th “Liu Yue Long Men” Creative Competition is open for submissions this month, and the country’s creative blood is getting hot.

Our humble studio is surrounded by W+K, Mindshare, JWT, Ogilvy, McCann etc, and our local pink salon (hooker shop). We have not yet been lucky enough to experience such a brilliant sight of cleavages. Next time we are in their offices we have to look harder!

My mother often asked me “ Why can’t you just take your MA to get a job in companies like a big ad agency or Google or Apple, standing on the giant’s shoulder you will see a bright and promising future!”

“But I want to be a small giant mama!!”

Well the true reason is little me just don’t have cleavage like that…sigh…

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