Creating the kind of hysteria we associate with CLOT and Juice, the Hong Kong store has re-opened to a huge reception. In addition, marking the 6th anniversary with an event of mass proportions as guests flew in from all over the world. Take a closer look below.

Ground Floor Opening

The interior of the shop simulates a warehouse with the use of raw materials such as steel, wood and concrete. Black, white and brown serve as the main color tones and the JUICE neon light decoration at the back of the store creates a nice, eye catching contrast.

Honorable guests from Japan

CLOT invited Hiroshi Fujiwara and Kazuki Kuraishi from fragment design and NIKE Global Energy Marketing Director, Fraser Cooke, to be their guests of honor at the JUICE HK opening. Hiroshi and Fraser are no strangers to JUICE’s opening as they were also CLOT’s honorable guests at the JUICE SH opening in late 2009.

The Kitsune Music Night by Mr K, Mr A, Mr EDC and Mr KP at ROXIE

At CLOT’s 6th Anniversary Party at the ROXIE, CLOT invited DJ Kitsune from Paris to deejay for the night. Together with Andre from Paris, these fashion icons from the west definitely rocked the night. This was the first time for these icons appearing in Hong Kong after their announcement of their new shop opening in Paris.