Here is a look at some new pieces from the ‘C.S.A.’ collection CLOT have compiled for winter. Basin a strong militia theme, hence the name CLOT have done their utmost to make a strong statement. These tees will release on October 18 at Juice.

The first is the second coming of C.S. Army comes with the color Army Green and the Navy Blue. The tee is full of the military elements by the badges at the back and on the sleeves. The “A” word of Army is an armed man, the gun is pointed towards the ground, and it shows the disarmament idea.

The theme is simple, idea of Think Different. It encourages people to think more and to tell people the influence brought by the thought always with greater impact than the guns, like A.K.47, available with Black and White two colors. There is a definition of the terms, Think Different at the back of the T-Shirt.

With the famous American Army figure, Uncle Sam on the front print acts the recruiting function, available with white and black color. Look carefully, and you will see the different between Clots’s Uncle Sam and the U.S. traditional one. Uncle Sam’s hat is changed and he is now with braids, the overall looks so oriental now.