Founded in Los Angeles in 1966, its been the recent profile of Dita which has brought much of its attention, successfully breaking into the Japanese market with stores in Nagoya and Daikanyama, and high profile collaborations with the likes of Undercover, Visvim and Hysteric Glamour, and now in Hong Kong too, with Colabs alongside Silly Thing and now Clot.



Each pair of Dita frames are handmade, the Midnight Special is in heavy metal style, the use of Red Anodized color definitely represented our brand, Clot. Meanwhile, Midnight Special is also Tommy Ogara’s most favorite style. Midnight Special is a high grade titanium frame with original beta titanium nose pad supports for the lightest fit ever. Flex is the key here.

Quality and the unique style together with the celebrity, CLOT X DITA Midnight Special sunglasses must become the hottest item; There are 5-7 procedures for putting the color on, and frames are all designed and created by the Japanese Dita production, in order to make sure the better control and quality during the production. The CLOT X DITA Midnight Special is in fashionable mod Red Anodized. As a crossover item, the Dita frame is marked with a very detailed CLOT logo on it; it characterizes the well-known brand with the excellence expertise in glasses production. 


The CLOT X DITA Midnight Special sunglasses, is under the 2008 C.S.A. collection. The innovation and the theme of design of Clot coincide with Dita. And Dita agrees and supports the concept of C.S.A., young people should speak out and try, the most important thing is to bring the next generation a better environment for the growth, so it lead to the launch of this project.

CLOT X DITA Midnight Special is packaged with the DITA fine boxset, an additional CLOT’s Royale silk bag for the sunglasses is enclosed. The Sunglasses cost at HKD6800, and will be available on October 6 at JUICE store and