Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection


Alexander McQueen is one of the best known designers in the world, his ability to create true luxury items influenced by the bizarre and out of this world has seen a series of collections which raise an eyebrow or two.

Oki-Ni has just taken delivery of his latest range, which doesn’t disappoint.  Alongside the familiar skull themed t-shirts and accessories are formal shirts, suiting, boots, a shearling peacoat, leather parka and eye catching pharaoh-esque Fair Isle hooded cardigan.

am0112red_01am0119oli_01am0102cha_01am0095bur_01am0113sky_01am0114tof_01am0116blk_01am0097gry_01am0111blk_01am0103red_01am0115grn_01Available now at Oki-Ni