Comme des Garcons x Matt Groening “Life in Hell” Collection

Presented are the limited edition items from the Comme des Garcons x Matt Groening we have previously previewed, that will be releasing this week. The collection includes the  two limited edition totes and additional t-shirt presented.  The guys from Comme des Garcons caught up with their collaborator for a chat which you can read below.

COMME des GARÇONS: What on earth is it about COMME des GARÇONS that persuaded you to agree to those T-shirts?

Matt Groening: I met COMME des GARÇONS through my artist friends Mondongo and I liked their their wit and audacity. I was aware of Rei Kawakubo and her work as a powerful avant-garde designer but I never thought my silly work of cartoons and her fashion would ever coincide.

COMME des GARÇONS: What would Binky and Sheba think of COMME des GARÇONS?

Matt Groening: Binky would be baffled and Sheba would love it.

COMME des GARÇONS: Do you think Akbar and Jeff would be inspired by COMME des GARÇONS or vice versa?

Matt Groening: Akbar and Jeff could move into COMME des GARÇONS and live happily ever after. They would love everything there wether it was for men or women.

Info via NUMBER3.