Interview with Nigo

A new interview with Nigo has surfaced, this time conducted by Beams and with conversation largely surrounding one of his latest ventures HUMAN MADE.

How did you first get interested in starting <HUMAN MADE>?
I’ve always been interested in vintage style so I had been thinking about remaking my favorite vintage items someday. Being around <WAREHOUSE> a lot, I knew they make articles of pretty high quality. At times, they utilize old sewing machines they find here and there; at other times, they make new ones when they find a certain stitch cannot be accomplished by the machines they already have. I’m really influenced a lot by vintage so I suggested selfishly that we should collaborate. They accepted very willingly.
Even though I make articles that have a scent of futurism, I am very much influenced by the past. So, this concept of going backwards to move towards the future… thinking this way, I got interested. I could work outside of <APE> and devote time to investigating a new direction.
At first, I thought to name this new collection <A BATHING APE×WAREHOUSE> and I even started designing the brand label. Then, I reconsidered and decided I wanted to start anew and prove that I could distinguish this without <A BATHING APE>. That is why I started this collection as an entirely separate brand with a new name, <HUMAN MADE>.

You say you decided to work together with <WAREHOUSE>because they are good quality?

Yes. I think their design skills are totally awesome. They have a technology we don’t have, but which we can find when putting on any pair of their jeans. I thought it would be nice to try and blend our skills. And their persistence with production is going beyond my expectation. I am always excited by the 100% successes they pull off.

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