Jean//Phillip Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Designer Jean-Phillip brings us his wonderful Copenhagen based fashion brand’s fall and winter 2009 collection. Minimalistic, slim cuts give the line an androgynous feel. Monochromatic color schemes leave the mind to appreciate Jean-Phillip’s attention to detail, and fabrics.

JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection1JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection2JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection3JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection4JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection5JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection6JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection7JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection8JeanPhillip FallWinter 2009 collection9

Thanks to Mens Rag for the pictures.