Kuntzel + Deygas x Diptyque Candles


French masters of room fragrance Diptyque have teamed up with artists Kuntzel + Deygas to create a range of scented candles based on the characters “Beauty and the Beast”.  Beast representing the vigorous woody violet scent of one of the candles and Beauty the sweet and beautiful floral notes.


Beauty and the Beast aren’t just scents though, the artists have created a whole back story and universe for these characters and tell the story on a series of images on the candles and packaging, as well as in the video below.

Kuntzel + Deygas are a pair of Parisian based artists and designers.  Well known for their Caperino & Peperone characters and their  recent collaborations with Comme des Garcons and Colette.

Originally a Paris interior design store, Diptyque made the scented candle into a modern day cult classic. Founded by three friends, it was their collective love of travel, particularly to the Far East and Africa, that first inspired the exotic range of scents. Initially created as a finishing touch to their interior designs, their stunning range of scented candles has gone on to be famous around the world.