With the thought of winter knocking on the door here comes an impressive three way project between ArkitipMichael Leon and Pendleton Woolen Mills. The outcome is a fantastic blanket, which is a core product from Pendleton Woolen Mills who have a rich history dating back more than a 100 years, and with Leon’s rendition one that reflects the artists style it doesn’t get much better has been designing and manufacturing the world’s best woolen blankets.

“Having grown up a skateboarder in the South, and moving to California in 1993, It has always been a very important image to me both in respect to my personal history and as an exemplification of how I strive to communicate ideas both simply and poetically. I have worked with Arkitip on various projects and exhibitions throughout the years and when the opportunity came to design a blanket with Pendleton, I knew that this would be the appropriate image”.