SVSV Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

With renewed vigor we are given the latest offerings from the seemingly forgotten fashion label under Dave Gensler’s KDU Serum Versus Venom also known as SVSV. To say I am a fan of the label would be a gross understatement. Since their inception in 2003 the label has operated under the watchful eyes of Gensler producing some of the more progressive truly limited / non-mass marketed pieces gear to utilitarian, urban nomadic, and military aesthetics. Backed now by an fully sataffed factory housed within their brooklyn based studio the line aims to showcase the old way of the true craftsmen, unbound of seasonal calenders, and marketing strategies Genslers explains “Since we produce on site, I produce what is needed…
so no waste of design or manufacturing resources. a clean, OLD way… which seems like a new thing… but simply the way clothing used to be made.” Further launch information as well as a soon to be launched online store can be found at