Veronique Branquinho for Camper Preview


After closing her doors on her own 11 year old company this year, Veronique Branquinho is putting her creative juices to good use by not only being appointed artistic director of the 180-year-old Belgian leather goods maker Delvaux but by also working alongside Spanish footwear company, Camper, to create a menswear line of shoes.

“She was very enthusiastic about the brand and its roots, sharing the same values regarding creativity, design, good quality, simplicity and austerity,” said Dalia Saliamonas, sales director for the Camper Together collections. “The result was an elegant and subtle Derby shoe with refined detailing.”

The spring collection includes three men’s Derby styles: a leather lace-up, a similar model with a step-down heel, and a third version in leather and linen materials. The shoes will be available globally at all Camper stores, and select wholesale partners. The collaborations between Veronique Branquinho and Camper are scheduled for the next two seasons ahead. 

Derby Style shoes; a style of leather shoe with open lacing. The tongue of the shoe is made with the same piece of leather as the vamp, and the facings with the lacing holes meet together over the tongue, and are not stitched to the tongue at the bottom.

source WWD