The Museum of Contemporary art in Chicago(MCA), plays host to a show entitled "there ain’t no bottomless pit here, this is fucking magic, man, and were all a part of it together", this month,  its a solo show of Cody Hudson and runs through to the 3rd December. More photos and info at Fecal Face and even an interview with Hudson here.

Cody Hudson’s work in painting, printmaking, and sculptural installation combines the irreverence and dynamism of youth cultural phenomena such as skateboarding and popular music with a focused visual approach extending from his dual role (and training) as a graphic designer. Ranging from "guerilla"-style interventions of abstract sculpture in the public sphere — departing from the kind of graffiti art typically created in such circumstances — to room-sized installations combining delicate drawings reminiscent of 1950s graphic design and highly-stylized motifs painted directly onto the wall, his practice is simultaneously rigorously conceived and opportunistically improvisational.