Already the making some very exciting moves as an eyewear brand, Colab has induced this season with the creative genius that is world-renowned artist and art director Jonathan Zawada. In a teaming that has already been forged and heavily praised, Jonathan Zawada, and long time friends and co-conspirators, The Presets, Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes, have created three masterful styles of eyewear.

Of working with Jonathan Zawada, Julian Hamilton comments, “He’s been a friend for a long time, and has an implicit understanding of where we are coming from musically. In terms of articulating our music in the visual world, once we establish some vague parameters, he’s pretty much given full reign to cut loose. We rarely come back with changes once the process has begun. It’s a really good fit.”

The Presets Vs Jonathan Zawada Colab Eyewear will be in-store in March / April 2010.

You can read our exclusive interview with Jonathan Zawada here.

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