10 Tote Bags for Summer (Hear Us Out)

While a tote bag bag might not scream “masculine”, they are actually infinitely useful. Basically, the tote bag is a more refined alternative to the backpack, painting you as the “secure in his sexuality/obviously-fashionable” type — rather than the “refuses to grow up/is still in a fraternity” type that most backpacks will make you appear to be. Also, summer is for beach trips and even if you’re not normally a tote bag carrier, these simple, easy-to-clean carry-alls are the go-to luggage for said beach trips. So, to help you get out there and start perusing honeys (in the hopes of putting one under your other wing by the end of the day), we’ve put together a list of the best limited-edition and collaboration tote bags out there, so you can carry all your essentials while keeping your pockets non-bulky and your hands free.

Click through the gallery above, then shop the links below.

Master-Piece X oki-ni X Nowartt Stone Print Tote Bag

Neighborhood Dippy Bandana Tote Bag

Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Navy Marled OHare Tote

Comme Des Garcons Shirt Khaki Tote Bag

Master-Piece X oki-ni X Nowartt Sky Print Tote Bag

Head Porter Brighton Large Shopping Bag

Eastpak X Nicomede Black White Leather Tote Bag

Givenchy Black Canvas Robot Himba Tote Bag

Carhartt WIP Hamilton Brown/Black Simple Tote Bag

SOPHNET. Camouflage Border Tote