Comme des Garcons recently opened up their guerilla store in Los Angeles.  The other day we took the trek downtown to visit the shop. The Comme des Garcons guerilla website only gives you the address to an old office building that used to be a bank. Upon walking into the building and asking the security guard where the suite number for the store was, he responded that it didn’t exist.

We made sure we had the right address and asked him again, he asked if it was “the guerilla store” that we were looking for. He explained to us that we had to go down the street and look out for an old man who would then open a gate for us when we asked for the store.

The gate lead us down a small ally-way. The store’s entrance is a simple door that leads to an amazing room decorated to feel like and old kitchen or walk-in refrigerator. The store will be open for a year and will stock both old and new Comme des Garcons collections including a few pieces made exclusively for the store. Here is a first glimpse at some of the items in stock.