“Since the brand’s inception in 1969, founder Rei Kawakubo has applied a highly particular vision to every aspect of Comme des Garçons. Kawakubo not only reinvented ideas of what fashion and beauty could be, but also extended this to interior, packaging, furniture and graphic design. The company’s provocative publications and printed material presented an entirely new way to communicate the brands direction. They worked on a conceptual level by forming associations with artists and designers not directly involved with the fashion industry. In these avant-garde publications the clothes took a backseat whilst contributions from artists and designers such as Gilbert and George, Fischli and Weiss, Kishin Shinoyama, Louise Nevelson and The Boyle Family took centre stage. This intimate linking of fashion and contemporary art means all the Comme des Garçons publications are full of clever visual cues which demonstrate the same deconstructive nature as that seen within the clothes themselves.”

LN-CC shines a spotlight on Comme des Garçons’ printed archive in their newest book feature. The retailer has  curated an impressive selection of these publications, celebrating the brand’s conceptual essence. The publications are available here, along with a closer look at each, charting the incredible range and diversity of Rei Kawakubo’s creative thought process and how it is manifested in Comme des Garçons.