The New York Times’ T Magazine has published an insightful piece written by PORT‘s David Hellqvist, on COMMON – the Swedish brand that has gone from strength to strength in its young lifespan so far. Founded by designers Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund and based in the Southern Swedish city of Malmo, COMMON’s distinct aethstic is informed as much by the bold brand names emblazoned across the chests of t-shirts in the ’90s as it is by more refined high fashion lines. Check out an extract from the article here, with a link to the full story below.

Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund, the duo behind the Swedish fashion brand Common, are buzzing on a sartorial high. After recently receiving the Scandinavian Elle Magazine’s Newcomer award — even though it’s not a women’s-wear brand — they’re now officially introducing their third collection with these exclusive images. The fall/winter 2013 season continues Common’s quest for a modern elegance while adding the uncharacteristic visual layer of repeated logos. “We looked back at our first encounter with fashion as teens; growing up in the ’90s, we were subjected to brands that took pride in emblazoning our chests with massive logos,” Bakir says. But there’s a thought process behind Common’s logo abuse: “It was both a fashion statement and a feeling of belonging to a certain group. It has come full circle to the point where we can laugh, wear it and not feel ashamed about it.”

Read the entire article here.

Photography by Patrick Lindblom.
Styled by Andrej Skok