The relationship between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas have been quite successful in the past years with their luxury sportswear line, Y-3. Considering Yohji’s avant-garde approach to design, partnering with the right people when considering collaborative work must be very particular when trying to carry out a specific vision. In recent news, the relationship between Yohji and Adidas proves itself once more working from the Y’s perspective to produce a reworked classic Adidas Superstar for AW13. Entitled the “Y’s Super Position” Yamamoto takes the iconic shoe through a few transformations replacing the textured shell toe, using premium material from the suede used on the lace stay to the leather placed in the lining of the shoe, and a bold stamp at the back end of the shoe, displaying the shoes name. The highlight of the shoe is the 3-Stripes, which has been altered to a hand-stitched feel, zigzagging along the side panels and made from cotton that overhangs to the sole; the thread can be cut or left to fray naturally. Available in two colourways August 10th at Y’s stores Tokyo, No. 6 London, No. 74 Berlin, No. 42 Paris, and selected fashion retailers worldwide.