Apologies for the poor quality pics (straight off the phone in low light), but we were too busy having a chill time at the Converse Block Party that just took place here in Seoul this past Friday to even remember to bust out a proper camera. We got to see Richard at W+K Shanghai, our boys KwangHoon ChoPhil Song, Jason Choi and the rest of the new generation of Korean skaters hitting up the indoor ramp in Hongdae, our friends having their t-shirt portraits drawn and kicks customized… it was good times with good people, so a big holler to Ian Stewart at Converse Asia for inviting us out!

Although I can’t provide great pics of the event in Korea – do check out snaps of their block party in China in the meantime!

Great to see fun stuff popping off thanks to all the hard work behind the scenes.

Click through to the Converse China site to check it out >here>.

Or click through >Here< or >Here< for more pics (see below).