Sneaker collaborations rarely see the light of fashion runway day unless you happen to be Kanye West and the brand in question is Louis Vuitton. But even then, only one of the styles West created for the iconic brand debuted. For Converse and their continued collaboration with famed Italian fashion house Missoni, it was two.

The special edition Auckland Racer, second in the Converse x Missoni fashion saga, and the Pro Leather was featured in the Missoni Men’s AW 2012 runway during their presentation in Milan, elevating their partnership in the fashion game.

How appropriate to launch the Auckland Racer down the Missoni RUNway this year… Originally designed for running in the 1970s, the Auckland Racer carries a lineage that many would not know or even associate with a company like Converse. It was tied to the early pioneers of the jogging movement, and became Converse’s first real standard running shoe. 64 years ago at the 1948 London Olympics, Ottavio “Tai” Missoni, an international athlete and track suit maker – his “Venjulia” tracksuits were adopted by the Italian track team that year – met Rosita Jelmini at Wembley, where he qualified for the finals of the 400m hurdle race. They married in April 1953, and five years later showed their first Missoni collection. The rest is fashion history.

Darker and more muted than the spring Converse x Missoni Auckland Racer, the AW version features a color palette of tonal greys, black, burgundy, and touch of burnish copper lame for that added pop. A kaleidoscopic mix of colors with variations of textures achieved through black Missoni space-dyed wool not only subtly highlights Missoni’s use of different textures often found in their collections, but also their trademark zigzags, geometrical shapes, and stripes.

*(The Converse x Missoni Auckland Racer will be available October 2012)

The Converse Pro Leather, the shoe that changed basketball is now changing the runway. Featuring Missoni Intarsia wool knit panels on the heel strip and the tongue, the shoe in a dark burgundy Horween Chromexcel leather — trust me, it’s not black — with its star chevron logo, is the shoe to look forward to this fall as it goes with everything.

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  1. francesco ruccolo

    Ok! Converse normally goes to far with collaborations.
    But I have to say that this one is spot on. They succeded in keeping Missoni’s essence. Good one!

    Btw, go check out this new Canadian brand launching in 2 weeks.
    Frank & Oak: