Japanese leather goods brand, Cornelian Taurus is the newest brand to arrive at the always forward thinking LN-CC. To introduce the brand the London retailer interviewed designer Daisuke Iwanaga to find out more about the brand. At the same time the fine selection of bags made from the world’s best materials are now available online at LN-CC.

LN-CC: When did you launch Cornelian Taurus?

Cornelian Taurus: The first collection was produced for Autumn/Winter 2007. For this season I worked with just one shop in Paris.

LN-CC: Can you tell us a bit about the philosophy of Cornelian Taurus?

Cornelian Taurus: There are three key points to Cornelian Taurus. Firstly, I’m Japanese, and my brand is very much connected to Japanese production. High-quality Japanese leather is very important to the brand. Secondly, Cornelian Taurus bags feature details inspired by heavy marine parts, my father was a marine engineer, and as a child I was always playing with marine gear, deep sea suits and things like that in my house. I wanted to put my family history into this brand, so I am always looking to put this element of interesting sea parts into my designs. I also want to put my personal experiences into the brand – experiences I often learn from travelling. These three parts are the key elements of the brand.

LN-CC: What were you doing before you began this brand?

Cornelian Taurus: Before I started my brand in 2007, I was working in buying and marketing for five years. I used to travel oversees four times each year, so I met a lot of designers, showroom staff and so on. Before this, I worked for about 18 months in a bag company where I got the experience of how to make bags. Then, when I was a buyer, I continued to work with bags, making made-to-order items for customers in my spare time. For seven years I was mixing my main job of marketing and buying with making a small amount of bespoke bags.

LN-CC: Where does your interest in bags come from?

Cornelian Taurus: I like clothes, but if you make clothes, you have to deal with a lot of things and a lot of items. With bags the focus is more on the production. I want to make something that is more focused on and around something you ‘use’ rather than something you ‘wear’. Also I love working with leather.

Read the full interview here and go directly to see the products here.

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