Council of Doom are a Costa Mesa based crew set to release a well rounded full-length film on track bikes coming out on July 25th. The movie is based around fixed-gear tricks and spped riding filming began impressively back in November 2007. Recently, Council Of Doom teamed up with RVCA on their Advocates section of the Artistic Network Program who are hosting the event at their place. While Council Of Doom are going to have Critical Mass lead to the premiere, and hold a "best trick competition" before the screening. In addition there is is an trailor being played as we speak at the RVCA store on Haight St until July 31 which is in conjunction with their Cinelli show "Pressure" well worth checking out. This has all the making’s for a must see as some exciting times for the bike scene in Los Angeles are set. Be sure to check out the Council Of Doom myspace page for more as well.

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