Creative Social 2008 this year is hosted by Profero (a digital agency) in one of the most beautiful historical building in Shanghai 1933 ( . It gathered creative directors from advertising agencies, creative medias from around the world in one place to inspire each other.

We were asked to speak at the event with a host of other interesting local creative types including, DJ V-Nutz (he organized a mashup of Chinese traditional music and hip hop), Dodo, a product designer, 23 year old Hong Kong film maker Heiward Mak who’s first feature film ‘High Noon’ has just been released and Journalist and Shanghai historian Stella Dong who’s book Shanghai: the Rise and Fall of a Decadent City has recently been published.

  • We want to be that spoon full of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

  • Gary and his star pupil DJ and a band with Chinese traditional instruments of Pipa and Erhu.

  • New York base historian Stella Dong discussion with 3 Fu Dan university students in Shanghai.

  • It was a 12 hour full day event, little breaks were given by the host:)

We also put together a little exhibition for Creative Social, featuring 4 local brands Inky, CHairMAN, MRKT by TWOFS and At.Between.

  • Inky, Shanghai Streetwear brand.

  • TWOFS products.

  • ChairMan, Shanghai streetwear brand.

Shanghai brand watches collaboration: Jellymon x Shanghai brand Watch x W+K Shanghai.

We also picked 3 Chinese artists/designers to work with on our New School Nankeen Sheets. The term Blue Nankeen describes a type of hand-printed fabric of artistic refinement and primitive simplicity which originated on the Silk Road over three thousand years ago.

  • James Chang’s deconstructed pattern.

  • Jellymon’s Shanghai psychedelic skyline landmark pattern.

This one is my favorite, Shanghai graphic artist Rubber Pixie’s intricate insect life.

  • China’s female graffiti artist Sice’s ” Girls paint better!”.

Hand-carved stencils, originally made from wood but now from heavy paper, are prepared and a mix of soya bean flour and slaked lime is applied through the openings of the stencil onto the cotton fabric. When dry, the fabric is then dipped numerous times into the large tubs containing the indigo dye. After the right color is achieved and the fabric has dried, the paste is scraped off, revealing the white patterns on the blue cloth.

For our ‘New School Nankeen Sheets’ we wanted to take an art-form which is often viewed as traditional or old fashioned and work with 3 of our favorite Chinese designers to produce a new take on an old classic.

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