The Cy Choi 2010 Fall/Winter Collection is Koren designer Chul Young Choi’s second collection. The Korean born designer is now based in Milan, where he designed and manufactured his latest collection entitled and inspired by the philosophy of INTERJECT.

Human’s brain inclines to be comfortable towards the familiar things. On the other hand when it is
confronted with unfamiliar things, it concentrates on them. INTERJECT, suddenly breaking in on the familiar routine, makes us feel strange and focus on it.

This extraordinary experience doesn’t mean that the interjected objects are new and unfamiliar. According to Russian formal literature theorist named Shklovsky, V, ‘Defamiliarization’ is the artistic technique of forcing the audience to see common things in an unfamiliar or strange way, in order toIenhance perception of the familiar.
INTERJECT transforms our familiar routine and makes it fresh and novel, so that we can rethink of the standardized things and give them a untried meaning and finally sublimed them in art. Art is not reemergence of ordinary life.
it reflects and retransforms our daily life with a harmonized composition. Also it stimulates our sense that has been customed with and makes our everyday life soaring up into the air. INTERJECT in our daily routine meets our gaze and creates new meaning.

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