[youtube width=”620″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsbTaYh09v0[/youtube]’

So here’s it finally available for ‘da public’ to view, not on our personal dvd copy and the one I passed to Skatething, which also probably has been sitting in a random spot instudio/box/archive(?)/drawer/bookshelf. We, The Changes, shot some of this stuff over the last couplo years (Bapesounds, Como drains, MU Eindhoven), and edited visually, meaning, when editing the footage, the sound too was edited. The rhythmic nature of the visual editing meant ‘accidental’ rhythmic sounds ensued. Luckily EYE from the Boredoms could make sense of this, and made this re-remix, which inturn I had to edit again to make a video. So anyway here’s something which has had a nice process, which has heightened my skills in imovie!, has given EYE something to try and make sense of (the opposite of anything else he’s touched), made Fergadelic smile, Shauna get embarrassed, and Skatething get even more confused alongside with the constant barrage of Australian accented English, camera thumbnails, italo disco 12″s, treats from Pierre Herme, some fruit boxes, a massive budget from European galleries, and a free tshirt.

Anyhow, think about J.O.Y. or Stakker Humanoid. And let go!