"YBA founding father, Diamond Skull mastermind, “highest paid living artist” record holder, and all-around art gangster Damien Hirst has decided to forgo the formal gallery world and sell his new body of work via auction. Sidestepping longtime gallery rep Larry Gagosian for London’s Sotheby’s auction house, the 43-year-old Turner prizewinning artist intends to open his work up to set some new sales records when he puts enough new art to constitute two new art shows on the block in a two-day auction in London on September 15 and 16. The centerpiece of this sale, titled “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever,” is his new masterwork, “The Golden Calf,” a monumental sculpture of a bull submerged in formaldehyde inside a gold-plated stainless steel and glass box. The animal’s head is crowned by a solid gold disc, its hooves and horns are cast in gold, and the piece is expected to fetch at least £12 million. When asked why he decided to open his new art to an international auction market, Hirst stated simply, “the world’s changing.” Larry Gagosian has already declared that he’ll be front-and-center at the sale bidding among the faithful."

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