UK Artist Damien Hirst is set to open his first retail operation, having signed a 10-year lease on a shop in Marylebone, the store will open this Spring and will be home to t-shirts, books, housewares, post cards and Hirst’s art along with works by up-and-coming artists including Michael Joo, Matt Collishaw and Thomas Scheibitz. Don’t expect though that his pricing philosophy will change along with this new venture, among the Hirst items on sale will be an 18-carat gold charm bracelet featuring different types of pills as the charms priced at £250,000, while a set of 12 plates decorated by the artist costs £10,000. The "Happy Head" – a plastic skull covered in gloss paint – is on sale for £25,000 plus taxes, while a roll of Pharmacy wallpaper, featuring rows of brightly coloured pills and tablets, is on sale for more than £1,000. Info from This is London.