Here is a great short film that provides us with a greater insight into the Damir Doma Spring/Summer 2011 Collection and the capsule collection created with THECORNER.COM. Entitled “Exercise”, this piece is directed by Malcolm Pate and highlights the new geometry & structure of Mr. Doma’s silhouette is ignited in fiery saffron tones, echoing the Eastern religious costume of bhagwa.

“A new control emerges in the reverent uniforms of the scorched earth. An unknown static breaches the calm, weaving a subtle gleam into old tradition. The disturbance becomes vestal, augering the age of experience. Innocence is shattered as a new harmony reigns”.
“Divining a delicate tension, Damir Doma aligns a timeless balance between opposites. The keystones of universal folklore become blurred in the chaos of today. In the eye of the storm, grace is born from instinct.”

[vimeo width=”620″ height=”400″][/vimeo]