“Dancing on the Moon with Tears in My Eyes” is an exhibition of new works by Dutch artists Henny Overbeek, Simon Schrikker and Boris Tellegen (Delta). The three artists have met each other in the scene during the nineties. After a few years, each of them went their way, pursuing an education in arts or design, seemingly going in completely different directions. All doing their art, but one doing it with oil paint, the other with paper and canvas collage, or with layers of wood. Recently after meeting up again, they realized that their work has more in common then they previously thought. Maybe it is due to listening to the same music in the eighties… “Dancing on the Moon with Tears in My Eyes” is kicking off December 11th and runs til January 10th. The opening reception takes place tomorrow at 6pm. An exclusive catalog limited to 49 pieces has been published to celebrate the three being united once again.

Alice Gallery & Shop
182 Rue A. Dansaert
B-1000 Brussels

Opening hours: Tu to Sa 11:30am to 7pm