Our good friends over at Tanner Goods, whom produce some of the best leather goods on the market, most recently teamed up with Danner to produce the Mountain Light McKenzie boot. Beautiful in its finish, Tanner produces a quality boot with features that parallel the personal meaning behind the concept. Below is an insert from Tanner Goods giving brief insight on what inspired this project:

What calls on us to get out, get away, get beyond our day to day? What is it we are hoping to discover there, in the way far out? We don’t know. And that’s why we keep going, why we keep packing more work into the week so we can skip town on Friday and find a way into the woods or the desert or to the ocean. Because we know that whatever it is that’s out there, it’s part of what fills us up and keeps us going.

We’ve never been shy about our love of the Pacific Northwest landscape. To honor that love, and make sure we do it justice in our ongoing explorations, we’ve partnered again with Danner to design a special make up of the Mountain Light silhouette — one that’s suited to the rugged topography of the place we call home. To test drive this new boot, we took some cameras and some packs to five distinct, east-of-the-Cascades locations across Oregon: Fort Rock, Steens Mountain, South Sister, Mt. Jefferson and the Painted Hills. We hope you like the results.

This made in the USA boot features an upper made of rich Moc Latigo leather by Horween, sitting atop a Vibram® Sierra sole. For purchase or more information, visit Tanner Goods web-shop.

In addition, to commemorate the project Tanner Goods got together with TIAGA to produce a thoughtful short video featuring the Mountain Light McKenzie boot here as well as additional photos taken during their journey above.