DQM Winter 09

In these days of high-fashion streetwear and garish also-ran skate labels you have to admire Dave’s Quality Meats for being able to maintain an honest and reliable aesthetic that is fashionable, without being trendy, yet remains true to skateboarding culture.  The new lookbook for the second part of their Fall/Winter collection encapsulates this, with a series of shots once again by Todd Jordan showing the DQM team rocking their latest range whilst they clean out an abandoned pool and attempting to shred the hell out of it before darkness falls.

DQM Winter 09 12DQM Winter 09 14DQM Winter 09 10DQM Winter 09 1DQM Winter 09 11DQM Winter 09 4DQM Winter 09 13DQM Winter 09 8DQM Winter 09 9DQM Winter 09 5DQM Winter 09 6DQM Winter 09 3DQM Winter 09 2DQM Winter 09 7DQM Winter 09 15

The DQM winter line will be available instore from Thursday 11/19 and on the web from Monday 11/23.