I am not sure how many people will be impressed by the design or the colour way, but none the less I thought I would write a small article about David Beckham’s mi adidas Predator Lethal Zones, the boots the player who announced his retirement during the week will wear in his last home game for Paris Saint Germain. Having worn adidas since 1996, this design is emboldened by the red, white & blue colours and the union flag of Great Britain, and highlighted by a great deal of personal touches highlighted by the initials of his wife Victoria and the names of his four children: Brooklyn; Romeo; Cruz and Harper while also including the shirts numbers from David’s playing career: 7, 23 and 32. Beckham adds, “This is truly a special moment for me and I’m happy that my longest serving partner, adidas was able to work with me to commemorate the moment.  What I really wanted to come across was the passion I had playing for my country and the pride that gave me.”