San Francisco’s  Babylon Falling will be presenting the work of  Korean born artist David Choong Lee  in an exhibition opening this Thursday November 8th. Check their website for a fantastic short movie made upon a visit to his studio (see it  here). David Choong Lee’s art is true ‘street’ art. Using classic realism he portrays street life with a sense of fascinated humility. As something of an outsider himself, having emigrated to the US in 1993 as a 27 year old with little English, Choong Lee makes art that’s part of his environment, rather than art that sits atop it from the vantage of privelege. Currently teaching figurative art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Choong Lee  speaks engagingly about his  techniques and life experience, and offers an insight into his art’s more experimental direction.

David Choong Lee

Paintings & Prints

Opening Reception

November 8th


Show concludes December 7th

Babylon Falling

1017 Bush Street (@Jones)

San Francisco, CA 94109