One label that has really impressed us this year is Deluxe.  With a slew of releases that have taken iconic Americana garments and given them a more tailored aesthetic, without losing any of their street appeal.

Moving away from the outdoors feel of their most recent Fall/Winter “Jeremy” collection they have taken the preppy, high-school look of the 50s as inspiration for their “1956” Spring/Summer range.  We have already shown you their”1956″ collaboration with Vans, but below we can see some of the full looks which include full length and cropped chinos, varsity jackets, harringtons, shawl collar and zip-up college cardigans, button downs, Hawaiian shirts and a hat, which combined together give a real “Happy Days” vibe!

deluxe ss10 1956 1deluxe ss10 1956 2deluxe ss10 1956 3deluxe ss10 1956 4deluxe ss10 1956 5

Hopefully next year will see Deluxe become more accessible globally as well as provide some more diverse takes on heritage such as this and Woolrich Woolen Mills retro surf inspired look.

Available now from Zozotown