Ann Demeulemeester is one of those designers is able to command a lot of attention for the sheer brilliance of her collections.  Her Spring/Summer 2010 menswear collection showing in Paris this week is another highly anticipated and certainly always the case, an impressive event. We have always fallen for her dark, intellectual and rock ‘n’ roll inspired pieces and with time her collections seem to only get better.

One avid fan is Erik Madigan Heck, editor in chief of Nomenus Quarterly. He paids tribute to the Belgium designer in the latest issue via a restrospective editorial of her work, which features pieces from Ann’s menswear designs from 1996 through to the current 2009 collection. The editorial was shot by Heck in the style of Italian photographer Mario Giacomelli’s studies of young priest and was his way of exploring the “quintessential Ann Demeulemeester man” publicly.

Have a look at the photoshoot below, shot with 12 male models playfully frolicking about Morningside Park, New York and the Nomenus Quarterly website for more images


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