D*Face / Dean Stockton

Location: London, United Kingdom
Website: www.dface.co.uk

About Dean Stockton

Dean Stockton grew up in London and was interested in graffiti from a very young age. He credits this to Henry Chalfant’s coverage of the New York graffiti movement. Later on as a teenager the whole skateboard culture caught up on him and led his interest and the DIY mentality towards being a freelance illustrator/designer whilst honing street work under the name of D*Face.
As he got older Stockton moved away from art in the street, with the rise of CCTV and excessive policing across Britain, he’s come to embrace the gallery system, and exhibits more and more of his works indoors. Although he has cited Shepard Fairey’s “Obey The Giant” art campaign as a major influence. Dean was into his work and noticed that Shepard was one of the few artists at the time to have a website, he dropped him a mail and within a relatively short period of time they hooked up on a few collaborations. Dean comes from a sculptural background, and nowadays creates everything from sculpture to installation works alongside his more well known stencil pieces and prints.

D*Face is among a group of street artists whose goals are neither egotistical, nor political, but conceptual.

D*face is also the creator, owner and curator of the Outside Institute, since 2005 known as the Stolen Space Gallery in London.

Recent Exhibitions

“Udivico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us” – 2009 Jonathan Levine Gallery NY

“Fresh Air Smells Funny” – 2008 Osnabrück Museum Osnabrück, Germany

“aPOPcalypse now,” – 2008 Black Rat Press gallery London, UK

“D-Face & Armsrock ” – 2008 fifty24SF/Upper Playground San Francisco

“D*Face x Shepard Fairey” – 2008 Gallerie Magda Danysz Paris, France

“Eyecons,” – 2007 O Contemporary in Brighton, UK

“The Streets of Europe” – 2007 Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY

“Death & Glory” – 2007 Stolen Space Gallery, London UK